Captain Perfection

An excellent and important resource for kids to protect themselves from unhealthy perfectionism.

Mary L Herzog, PhD

A welcome relief from the typical, sophomoric humor model commonly associated with cartoons aimed at children. Essential reading for people of all ages!

Alexander /

I highly recommend this book to people of all ages.

Shiv Harsh

A gift to any child or parent struggling with perfectionism


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Build your own self-compassion superpower!

Do you get upset when your work isn’t perfect? Are you too hard on yourself when you don’t live up to your own expectations? If so, you need Captain Perfection & the Power of Self-Compassion!

Self-compassion is ‘the art of being kind to yourself’ and is proven to help young perfectionists manage their thoughts and behaviors in healthier ways.

Learn how to build your own self-compassion superpower and…

…recognize perfectionism when it strikes

…stay calm and focused when you get frustrated

…understand how being kind to yourself can help you be your best


BUILD YOUR OWN SELF-COMPASSION SUPERPOWER and manage your perfectionism in healthier ways!

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About the Author

Julian is a British author, consultant, and speaker, and has been a perfectionist for over forty years.

His adaptive perfectionism helped him become the Music Director for the Broadway musical Hamilton in the U.S. and played a considerable role in his fortune to travel the world with his work and establish three successful companies in the creative sector.

His maladaptive perfectionism has not been so kind! Years of stress related to fear of failure in performance, low self-esteem and a bullying inner critic took its toll in 2017 when Julian experienced a heart attack aged just 43. This health scare prompted extensive research into perfectionism, the results of which now provide the foundation of his work.

Realizing that much of his experience with maladaptive perfectionism could have been avoided with more knowledge of the subject in childhood, Julian created Captain Perfection to inspire young perfectionists to develop robust and healthy management techniques for their perfectionism early on in life. The importance of self-compassion is central to his message and integral to his work with older perfectionists and businesses that employ them.

He lives with his wife, Lisa, and dog, Ollie in California.